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C H A T E A U  L E  M U R


French Immersion Language Camp

August 13th through August 20th 2016

An intensive French language camp for those international students who want to enjoy an interactive, fun filled week in an authentic Medieval setting in France while improving your French language skills.

At Chateau Le Mur we offer a French Immersion Language Camp themed on the Code of Chivalry.  Daily classes and workshops incorporate examples of knighthood's values and adventure with the learning of the French language. The Medieval historic setting presents an interactive and intensive program where you are immersed in the beauty of the French language and at the same time have opportunities to hone the skills of a knight— swinging from trees, horseback riding, paintball, illuminated manuscript writing for budding artists, swimming and paddle-boating are just some of the events on offer. Additionally there will be trips to Medieval Festivals, Castles,The Knight's Templar Church, Adventure Parc, and the worlds number 1 theme park, 'Puy de Fou', all culminating in a Medieval Feast and Knighting Ceremony.

Who should attend ?

Young adults and teens  who are interested in the following:

  • Total immersion into the French language with  2-4 hours of personalized class per day;

  • Learning about Medieval Knighthood and how to apply the values of Chivalry in your modern world;

  • Adventurers anxious to see the incredible sights and history that Brittany and France have to offer;

  • Meeting international students and making new friends.


What will the week look like?

Squires (those attendees who are working their way to Le Mur Knighthood) will be escorted from the USA to Charles de Gaulle (Paris) Airport,  embark the TGV Train to Rennes where they will be met and escorted  to Chateau Le Mur. 


Depending upon the level of French language skills and interests documented in the applications submitted by our future Knights and Ladies, a custom made program will be formed to allow their individual French language talents to flourish – utilizing the stage in the 'Medieval Assembly Hall'  for musical presentations, video, or drama/comedy that the attendees will produce themselves.

Native French teachers (fluent in English as well!) will provide customized teaching depending on language skill level, as well as offer interactive and amusing workshops that cover an ideal of chivalry which is essential to the modern concept of the Knight as an elite warrior sworn to uphold the values of faith, loyalty, courage, and honor.



Three meals a day will be served with the main meal in the afternoon at various locations that include restaurants, picnics and in the medieval facilities. Meals will be hearty, made up of the delicious breads, cheese, meats and vegetables of the region.  Medieval Menus may include rabbit, venison, vegetables, duck, and stews.The week concludes with a Medieval Feast Celebration and  entertainment where squires become officially knighted. (If possible, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.)



You will be housed in the authentic 14th Century Medieval Manoir du Mur, situated on a historic 181 acre site that once was a Roman Military Camp. The Manoir, is renovated to include comfortable, fully furnished apartments decorated in a style to reflect the Medieval era. At least one adult chaperone will be in each apartment, and apartments will be separated by gender. Opportunity will be given to sleep in the authentic 'Knights Chamber'.


Knighting Ceremony
Knighting Ceremony

Knighting Ceremony
Knighting Ceremony


Sampling of Workshops and Activities

  • Illuminated Manuscript;

  • Feasting and Foraging in the Forest (learn how to prepare a Medieval meal from scavenger hunting);

  • In-house Dramas  (quick comedy skits that highlight the lesson of the day);

  • Story-telling (using historical literature);

  • Adventure Parc (physical training course for all levels that include swinging from trees);

  • Forest of Broceliende (Mythical forest of of King Arthur);

  • Knights Templar church and artifacts; 

  • Medieval Festivals;

  • Horseback riding;

  • visits to the Medieval cities and Brittany villages

  • Puy de Fou (voted the world's best theme park by the The Themed Entertainment Association jury)


The Chivalry part of the French immersion program is based on Geoffroi de Charny's "Book of Chivalry", that expounds upon the importance of the Christian faith in every area of a Knights life, Robert Lewis' “Raising a Modern Day Knight”, “ King Me” by Steve Farrar,“Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge, and “Daughter of the King” by Melissa Deming.


For all inclusive costs, please download the application form.

Parents: consider giving your teen an intensive language experience that will benefit them for a lifetime while at the same time giving them an opportunity to live in a Medieval setting learning about Chivalry, Faith, Loyalty, Courage and Honor, with other young adults. In the event you yourselves will be traveling to France, we are happy to have them with us giving you an opportunity to have peace of mind while you are touring through France or Europe.