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― Joe Darion, Man of La Mancha



Attention Future Knights and Ladies!

Chateau Le Mur presents 'Chivalry Camp' for future Knights and Ladies who want to enjoy an interactive fun filled time in an authentic Medieval setting in Brittany, France!

Learn the the values of Chivalry—Faith, Loyalty, Courage, and Honor!

—10 day Camp—

July 20th to 30th €1,040/$1,140 —All Inclusive!*

(Price Increases to $1,100/$1,200 if Paid after May 1st)

** Housing in the beautifully furnished Medieval Manoir! Three meals a day that include all meals at Chateau Le Mur, Picnics and one Restaurant Outing! Adventure Forest—Treetop and Zipline Park! Église du Temple—one of the Knight's Templar headquarters in Europe! Day Trip to the Artisan Village of La Gacilly—home to the largest outdoor photo exhibition in France! Transportation to La Gacilly and pick up and drop off at the Redon Train Station. include within the first 5 days of the  visits to The Medieval Cities of Saint Malo & Mont Saint Michel—second most visited landmark in all of France after the Eiffel Tower! & finally...

'Puy de Fou'—voted #1 Theme Park in the World!

All culminating in a Medieval Feast and Knighting Ceremony!

The Medieval historic setting of Chateau/Manoir du Mur presents an

interactive and intensive program that includes Biblical teaching, Service & Outreach!

Daily workshops for Worship, Dance, Drama, Multi-media & Traditional Art.

Who should attend ?

Youth or young adults who have are interested in any of the following:

  • Gaining leadership skills to affect change in your generation

  • Art, drama, music, dance, video, and film

  • Learning about Medieval Knighthood

  • Applying the values of Chivalry in the modern world

  • Adventurers wanting to see the sights of Brittany, France

  • Meeting international students and making new friends


Squires—those who are working their way to

Le Mur Knighthood—arrive at the Redon train station where they will be met and driven to Chateau Le Mur.  Accommodations include comfortable, lovely apartments within the Medieval Manoir du Mur, situated on a historic site that once was a Roman Military Camp.


Using biblical values and scriptures presented in the

Code of Chivalry, a series of entertaining activities

will highlight the lessons learned in order to become a

Knight or Lady of Le Mur.


Interactive and Amusing Workshops

We cover the main ideas presented by various authors. Geoffroi de CharnyBook of Chivalry explains the importance of Christian faith in every area of a Knights life,  the Knight as an elite warrior sworn to uphold the values of faith, loyalty, courage, and honor. Other sources used are Robert Lewis's—Raising a Modern Day Knight, Steve Farrar's—King Me, John Eldredge's Wild at Heart, Melissa Deming's Daughter of the King, and of course, God's Holy Word, The Bible.


Sampling of Workshops and Activities

  • A comical presentation, 'All the French you need to know this week'. (If you're French, you'll love this!)

  • Becoming a Knight or Lady of Le Mur – what to expect this week (A Knights Tale —cinema).

  • Brief History of Knighthood  (trip to 'Eglise de L'Temple )

  • Mastering your body rather than Your body mastering you (Adventure Forest and Laser Tag).

  • Famous Medieval Monks—Cultivating a Heart of Humility and Service by being a monk for a day. (Service Day, Brother Sun, Sister Moon— cinema.)

  • The Code of  Chivalry (biblical values —the Code of Honor).

  • Visit to the Artistic Village of La Gacilly

  • For those attending the Ten Day Program: Living under persecution; history of persecution—why it continues to exist today. ('Puy de Fou' Theme Park) & Visits to Medieval Cities—Mont St Michel & St Malo

Depending upon the skills and interests documented in the applications submitted by our future Knights and Ladies, a custom made program will be formed to allow their individual and group creative talent to flourish – musical presentations, dance, video, or drama/comedy, flashmob, that the attendees will produce themselves.



Meals will be hearty, delicious international cuisine. Three meals a day will be served with the main meal in the afternoon at various locations that include restaurants, picnics and in the medieval facilities at Chateau Le Mur; The program ends with a Medieval Feast Celebration and  entertainment where squires become officially Knighted.


Housing will be in the fully furnished apartments in the Medieval Manoir with at least one adult chaperone in each apartment, separated by gender. Opportunity given to sleep in the authentic Knights Chamber.





Only 26 Spaces Available!! Download the application form to apply!

Scholarships: We would like to be able to accommodate campers, siblings groups, that may be in situations of dire financial hardship. After fundraising, etc., if you are still unable to cover the costs of the weeks camp, please provide us with a short essay as to why you believe you will need a scholarship to attend the retreat, and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Parents: Give your teen an experience that will benefit them for a lifetime while at the same time giving them an opportunity to live in a Medieval setting. They will be learning about Chivalry, Faith, Loyalty, Courage and Honor, with other youth & young adults. We are happy to have them with us giving you an opportunity to have peace of mind while you are touring through France or consider staying on as chaperones/leaders and receive a family discount! Contact us for more information!

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